Mid-Suffolk Chapter

Task Force and Outreach

NOW Mid-Suffolk committees are continually in formation. Members are encouraged to become involved in issues that are of particular interest to them. Get involved!

Women and Spirituality

Reverend Karyn O’Beirne – karynobeirne@gmail.com
National Organization for Women is an organization and community that supports women. For too long religions seemed to be supported by women but not for women – it doesn’t need to be that way. The Women and Spirituality committee of Mid-Suffolk NOW is here to help women explore their personal spiritual aspirations. We do this from an open faith perspective. All religious faiths are respected while we delve into the mystical core that sustains us all.

Family Court Justice

Angela Shanerman – angela@angelashanerman.com
Advocates for equality and fairness in divorce and child custody legislation and implementation. Keeps current with legal developments in the Family Law field. Provides feedback on court and lawyer performance.

LGBTQI+ Rights

Cynthya Rossi
Educational outreach in support of the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in education, hate crime victimization, housing, freedom to marry, employment, and finance.

Reproductive Rights

Juliet Gobler – nowmidsuffolk@gmail.com
NOW is a pro-choice organization. We view access to reproductive healthcare as a basic civil right, essential to achieving gender equality. Advocating for a women’s right to choose is synonymous to fighting for women’s health, autonomy and freedom.


Women Marching On