Mid-Suffolk Chapter

Executive Board

 Reverend Karyn O’Beirne
Vice President:
 Donna Charielle
Reverend Karyn O’Beirne has been active in NOW for over 25 years and has over 15 years’ experience in public speaking as an activist and ordained Interfaith Minister. Rev. O’Beirne believes women no longer need to be defined by anyone – but first must free themselves. The spiritual path will lead us to a place where we no longer can be constrained or defined by the culture, family, religion or nation we find our self a part of. Karyn is also a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, teaching at The Welcome Mat Yoga studio in Islip, NY. Donna Charielle has been a member of NOW for over ten years. Growing up during the social and political turmoil of the 60’s helped develop her commitment to doing what she can to make this world a better place for all regardless of gender, race or economic status. She chose Social Work as her career and obtained a Masters Degree. Ms. Charielle is a two-time cancer survivor who joined a writing group for survivors in 2011. She started writing poetry and has never stopped. She writes thought-provoking poems about illness, injustice, and other issues we face as humans. Ms. Charielle has lived in Long Island, NY for most of her life, spending several years working in Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Cambridge, England.



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 Gail Segui
 Lois Byalick
President Emerita:
 Grace Ripa Welch
Gail Segui has been a feminist for as long as she can remember. With 3 sisters 2 daughters and a granddaughter and a mother who was a feminist before the word became popular she always believed in gender equality. Gail worked in the corporate world for over 25 years culminating in becoming Treasurer and Secretary for a technology company.  She is now retired.Gail has been a member of Mid Suffolk Now since the early ’80’s. She has been on the Legal Referral Committee and has been Treasurer for over 10 years. Lois Byalick has been a member of the National Organization for Women since 1986 and has served as Secretary of the Mid-Suffolk Chapter for the past 6 years. Her interest in social justice led her to a career in Social Work; she is now retired. Grace joined NOW 46 years ago in 1970 on the day of “The Women’s Strike March” down Fifth Avenue.  A founder of South Suffolk NOW 1973; 2-term President 1974 & 1975; currently President Emerita NOW Mid-Suffolk.  Listed in “Feminists Who Changed America 1963-1975″ pg 487.  National Board of VFA – Veteran Feminists of America – www.vfa.us; recipient NOW NY State “Unstoppable Feminist Award” 2015.



Women Marching On